Vol. 15 pp.1 - 10.

The Effect of Vibration Foam Roll and Flossing Band Exercise on Muscle Strengthing and Balance in Olders


This study aimed to compare the effects of lower muscle strengthening and balance when vibration foam roll and flossing band exercises were performed for 4 weeks by the elderly.


Twenty elderly participants, aged ≥ 65 years, were selected for this study. The participants were equally divided into two groups. Group A performed vibrating foam roll exercises. Group B performed flossing band exercises. Each group performed the respective exercises two times per week for 4 weeks and underwent measurements during muscle strength and timed up-and-go tests. Data were analyzed using SPSS 21.0. An independent t test was used to determine the statistical differences between the groups, and a paired t-test was used to determine statistical differences within the groups. Statistical significance was determined at α =.05.


Both the vibration foam roll and flossing band exercise groups showed significant changes in muscle strength and balance in the knee flexors and extensors, ankle dorsi flexors, and ankle plantar flexors between the pre and post intervention values (p<.05). However, we found no significant differences between the two groups except for the knee extensor.


In this study, both the vibrating foam roll and flossing band exercises were effective for improving various measures regarding muscle strength and balance.

:: Volume.15 No.1 June 2019 ::