:: Aims & Scope

The Korean Society of Sports Physical Therapy (KSSPT) has consistently been leading trends in the field of sports physical therapy by conducting educational programs for academia within and outside Korea with the aim of ensuring academic journals are of high quality.

The Archives of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy (AOSPT) is a journal released by the KSSPT and its main goal is to publish studies related to sports physical therapy and sports science that are based on recent scientific evidence.

Studies published in the AOSPT must engage with creative topics to ultimately contribute to the development of rehabilitation medicine and physical therapy. The AOSPT focuses on fields related to sports physical therapy, medicine, and rehabilitation. The chief editor designates an editor to each research field corresponding to their areas of specialization which are as follows:  

1) Exercise therapy
2) Physical therapy (heat therapy, electrical therapy, phototherapy, hydrotherapy, etc.)
3) Manual therapy
4) Exercise control
5) Exercise and sports dynamics
6) Pain management
7) Sports rehabilitation engineering
8) Physical therapy policies
9) Clinical medicine
10) Rehabilitation medicine

Studies are published twice a year (at the end of June and December). Studies can be submitted at all times to the AOSPT through the online submission system.